I think the decision to aim for the Olympic qualifiers was never really made but was always with me since my early days in a boat. I can't explain it, it's just the way it is; to compete at my best at the highest level. So, around September 2008 I made a decision to do something about it; to concentrate all my efforts into slalom training for the next while with the only aim being "to be able to look back and say I did my best"

This blog is the story of my journey

Summer 2010 roadtrip

I will be competing in three World Cup Races, Czech Republic, Spain and Germany. After five weeks is the Pre Worlds in Slovakia, with the Slovak open the following week.

Depending on my results at the World Cups I also hope to qualify for the World Championships in Slovenia.

Having never competed at this level before, it's going to be a steep learning curve, but thats what I'm here for.

25 June 2010


Gear check; boats being measured (length and width) and weighed. Bouyancy aids put in water with a weight and a visual check on everything including helmets.

Short session this morning, over all much better than earlier in the week so feeling confident about tomorrow.

I'm no. 3, on at 7:32 and 10:47 Irish time (one hour ahead here). 50 paddlers this time and being 3rd to start (two non ranked paddlers) I will be more relaxed on at the start area.

Live timing and results http://www.123result.com

Other race info http://canoeslalomseu.parcolimpic.com

The usual easy paddle this evening and ready for action